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Corn Gluten Meal 60




       GLUTEN 60

     The corn gluten meal protein stands out by high content of methionine and cysteine amino acids, which are very important for farm animals and poultry, as well as by a rich complex of microelements and vitamins Е, В1, В2, В3, В4, В5, and В6. The undisputed advantage of the corn gluten meal for egg and poultry producers is high content of carotenoids and natural xantophile pigment. Even a small amount of corn gluten added to a recipe results in a rich yellow color of a yolk, adds bright yellow or golden yellow tint to the skin of a carcass, and significantly increase the carotenoid content.

Raw protein, %, at least


Raw fat, %


Moisture content, %, at most


Calcium, %


Phosphorus, %


Lysine, g/kg


Methionine+Cysteine, g/kg


Threonine, g/kg


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